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👋 Hello! This site is maintained by Kevin Quinn. It’s a collection of my notes & thoughts on the Slack ecosystem as I continue expanding the types of projects and interactions I have within it.

What is this site for?

  • Using Slack better while building a company/organization.
  • Developing amazing Slack Apps, both internal and publicly available.
  • Becoming a power user of all of Slack’s awesome features.
  • Understanding how SaaS founders in the past were able to build businesses on top of Slack.

Who are you?

I’m a software engineer who has used Slack at organizations ranging in size from 2 people to thousands. I’ve been a part of building Slack apps at each of those organizations, and I just really enjoy learning & teaching about Slack. I’m also Slack Certified if that matters to you.

Contact: Questions/Comments/Hate mail?

If you need to reach me, best place is is through Twitter DMs, Reddit chat, or through my email proxy - buildingonslack@notxss.anonaddy.com