Slack Certified

Slack made a move into education when they released their Slack Certified site. They offer two certifications (Slack Certified Admin, Slack Certified Developer) as well as variety of Slack Skills you can complete in just a couple hours and show off your new badge.

How much does Slack certification cost?

You’ll want to get these expense0d by a company, I wouldn’t recommend an individual forking out the money for these certifications.

  • Slack Certified Admin | Test $150 + (optional) Prep Course $150 = up to $300
  • Slack Certified Developer | Test $150 + (optional) Prep Course $150 = up to $300

How long is my certification valid for?

“Certifications are valid for 24 months from the date that you became certified” - faq

How to find Slack Certified members?

Slack created a directory of people who have obtained their certifications - my profile for example is Kevin Quinn | Slack Certified Directory.