Workflow Builder Templates

Slack workflow templates to get you up and running with useful tools in no time. Still trying to understand what the heck Workflow Builder is? Head over to the Workflow Builder Guide to dive deeper.

How to install a Slack Workflow Builder template

Templates are only as useful if you are able to easily use them. To get a Workflow Builder template enabled on your workspace:

  1. Download your desired template file, will either end in .workflow or .json.

  2. Open Workflow Builder from the workspace menu in the top left - main menu > Tools > Workflow Builder.

    Tools -> Workflow Builder

  3. Click Import and select your downloaded template file.

  4. It will then walk you through the last couple steps of naming & updating variables.

  5. 🥳 Congrats! All you need to do is Publish your workflow, and you should be ready to use it with your team.


Shared Inbox

We already have shared inboxes & aliases for our emails, so let’s extend that into Slack. Much like a contact page on a website, this workflow will ….

Visualization of the workflow

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Run an AMA in Slack

A template and a few additional steps to take in your Workspace to run a succesful AMA just like the Slack team does in the Community workspace.

Read more at How to run a Slack AMA with Workflow Builder.

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