Internal Slack Apps

While there are thousands of apps available on the Slack App Directory, the community building internal apps for companies dwarfs the public side - 324 internal for every 1 in the Directory!

“Today, people are collectively using more than 795,000 apps on Slack built by the 885,000 active developers on our platform.” vs “The Slack App Directory launched with 150 apps. Today, you’ll find 2,450 apps ready for install.” (Dec 10, 2020) - Celebrating five years of Slack platform.

We believe internal apps should be built with a similar level of care for the user experience as those on the Slack App Directory. To that end, we hope to unlock and share some of the knowledge among those million+ active developers on the Slack platform to raise the bar for Slack App UX. When someone hears they’ll need to be using Slack apps at work, I hope they respond with delight, rather than frustration.

Build better apps

Start building better apps by checking out Slack App Design Inspo, our collection of examples of implementing common web UX ideas in Slack’s Block Kit.

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