The web is filled with design inspo for web apps - but what about Slack Apps? We want to build good user interfaces, too! We began collecting examples of useful Slack App experiences & designs as a resource below - a Dribble for Slack Apps, if you will. This is a community effort to hopefully raise the bar for Slack Apps, both publicly available and internal to companies.

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Community Contribution

We welcome your contributions! Share the best Slack App design inspiration you’ve run into, either from your own apps or ones out in the wild. You can also design your own interfaces (without any code!) using Slack’s Block Kit Builder.

Submit Inspo Examples

What are we looking for?

Submissions can be for anything relevant to Slack App user experience, even just an idea. Since that’s quite broad, a few examples to get you thinking:

  • A creative use of Block Kit to approximate a common feature from web frameworks like Bootstrap, Material UI, e.g. Accordion/Collapsibles in Slack
  • General patterns that other Slack Apps may find useful. Ex: For access control, suggest others borrow the concept of ACL (Access Control Lists) and provide relevant info for how to surface it in Slack.
  • < Your Idea here >


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Public vs Internal Apps

Even internal Slack Apps deserve to have good UX. PLus, there are MANY times more internal apps than public.

“Today, people are collectively using more than 795,000 apps on Slack built by the 885,000 active developers on our platform.” vs “The Slack App Directory launched with 150 apps. Today, you’ll find 2,450 apps ready for install.” (Dec 10, 2020) - Celebrating five years of Slack platform.


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